Gong Cave- Most Beautiful Cave In Indonesia

Gong Cave- Most Beautiful Cave In Indonesia

Gong Cave is a beautiful cave located in District Pacitan, East Java (Indonesia). This cave claimed as most beautiful cave in South East Asia. Gong Cave is a horizontal cave which reach 256 meters in lenght and very popular among the tourists because it have many beautiful stalactite and stalagmite. Based on the folklore of people in Pacitan this cave often produce mysterious sound like a musical instrument called “Gong”, That’s why it called as Gong Cave. It is easy to reach Gong Cave in east Java, if you are from surabaya you can take a bus to Jogjakarta or Solo, from Solo or Jogjakarta you need to take another bus to reach pacitan. When you arrive at pacitan you can use public transportation like taxi or “ojek” to Gong Cave.

There are so many tourist both local or international there, and you dont need to worry about the transportation or accomodation. Near the cave lot of restaurant and hotel opened for tourists. The best time to visit Gong Cave is at the morning or afternoon, The cave closed for tourist at night. When you entering Gong Cave area there will be local citizens renting the flashlight, inside the cave is dark and you need to bring flashlight when you enter this cave. Walkway in the Gong cave is already cemented and it has handrail to make sure safety for all the tourist. Inside the cave you will see an amazing scenery of this cave. Hundreds of crystalized stalactite and stalagmite will hypnotize every eye that looked. Colorful exotic lamp lights make the cave is more beautiful.

There are 5 Springs inside the cave :

  1. Jampi Rogo
  2. Panguripan
  3. Relung Jiwo
  4. Kamulyan
  5. Relung Nisto

The people of pacitan believe all that Springs inside Gong Cave have mystical power that can cure the sick ones.