Balabalagan – Hidden Paradise at Makassar Strait (Indonesia)

Shining plant

  Balabalagan or sometimes called balabalakang is a group of islands located at the Makassar Strait (between island of Kalimantan and Sulawesi). Balabalagan area is not too publicly highlighted, in fact this place not yet inaugurated as a tourist destination by the government. Even so, recently balabalagan became famous because many adventurers and backpackers who went to visit and show

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Best Places to Visit in Kyoto, Japan

Kiyomizu Temple

  Kyoto is a beautiful little city surrounded vegetation and mountain, This city considered as heart of culture of Japanese. Kyoto is popular among the tourist as most favourite tourist destination because it has many historycal buildings of ancient Japan. We recommend you to visit Kyoto when spring or fall because at that moments you will see amazing scenery of

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Gong Cave- Most Beautiful Cave in Indonesia

Gong Cave Beautiful Stalactite

  Gong Cave is a beautiful cave located in District Pacitan, East Java (Indonesia). This cave claimed as most beautiful cave in South East Asia. Gong Cave is a horizontal cave which reach 256 meters in lenght and very popular among the tourists because it have many beautiful stalactite and stalagmite. Based on the folklore of people in Pacitan this

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Amazing Things in Legoland Malaysia


  Who don’t know Lego?, Seems like everybody knows Lego. Lego is a plastic construction toy manufactured by a company from Denmark. Lego firstly made in 1949 and continuing their success until now. Malaysia as one of most developed country in South-East Asia successfully convince Lego Group to built their sixth Legoland in Johor Baru, Malaysia. Legoland Malaysia is the first

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