Zoorasia (Yokohama) – 1st Most Incredible Zoo in Japan

Zoorasia African Savanna


Japan is an exotic nation located in the east of Asia that very famous for its technological development. If you visit Japan you will be presented with the modern technologies that you can not find in other parts of the world. Besides technology, Japan also has several well known natural attractions, one of them is the Zoorasia.

Yokohama Zoo Zoorasia or called as Yokohama Zobutsuen is a wildlife park with a total area of ​​approximately 53 hectares. Zoorasia is one of the very attractive tourist spots in the world because the zoo is very well maintained and includes one of the biggest zoos in the world. You can see a variety of animals from all over the world because this Zoorasia divided into several zones based on the origin of the animal.

The Zoorasia is very lush and spacious to provide more space for more than 2000 animals from around 160 species. Zoorasia designed just like the natural ecosystem of the animals, including tropical forests of Asia, Central Asia plateau, grasslands Oceania, the Japanese countryside, tropical forests of Africa and the wild forests of the Amazon. It was very well designed so that the animals could live in a place similar to their natural habitat. Because the zoo is so big, every visitors who come supplied by binoculars to see animals from at location.

Map to Zoorasia Yokohama

Pictures of Zoorasia

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