Imposibble 米洛高架橋 (法國)


  Millau Viaduct Bridge was founded to alleviate the kilometers-long of traffic congestionin every year that makes traffic jams happened as the tourists make their way in south during the summer, going the valley into a Millautown that became a popular jamming in the A75 auto route. The construction in this place was quite difficult as that region that is


斯科特紀念碑 – 令人難以置信的紀念碑為沃爾特 · 斯科特爵士


  There are many historical places in Edinburgh and one of the famous historical spots that are visited by many people is Scott Monument. This is known as Victorian Gothic monument which has been built for Scottish author named Sir Walter Scott. The monument has magnificent details that you can leave you with great impression. It is so impressive that

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