EdensorBeautiful Inspirational Village in England

Edensor Village of England

  恩瑟系Derbyshire嘅一个细村庄, 英格兰. This village is the nearby village of Chatsworth House.Edensor pronounced by the British themselves with the word “Enzorinstead of “Edensor”. The village is popular among Indonesian people because the village is so praised in a famous novel written by Andrea Hirata. Edensor, truly heavenly place with charm that can brings


Exoticism of Purple Lavender Fields in Provence (法国)

Beautiful Scenery of Provence Lavender Field - 法国

  Visiting France does not mean must to spend time in the city of Paris. The romantic side of this country also comes from rural area. One of them comes from the Provence area, which is located in southeast France. 关键词: provence france,cara ke kebun lavender di provence perancis,image provence france,levandu laukai prancuzijoje,melihat lavender di valensole,provence in france,soul city of


阿马尔菲海岸 (意大利) – 宇宙中最美丽嘅海岸线

波西塔诺村喺森塞特 (来源: amalficoast-italy.com)

  阿马尔菲海岸 (Costiera Amalfitana) 喺萨莱诺悭嘅索伦托半岛南部海岸嘅一个墟冚冚嘅海岸线 (意大利南部). 阿玛菲海岸喺意大利系一个受欢迎嘅旅行目的地. Geoweek嘅Bill Pitzer柱 (时报辛迪加纽约呀) refer Amalfi Coast as “one of the most beautiful coastlines in the universe“ 关键词: 波西塔诺,Desa indah