Traveling to West lake of Hangzhou (China)

Scenery around West Lake in Hangzhou


Hangzhou is one of the “seven ancient capital of China” and it is already exist more than 5000 years ago even before China’s first dynasty, the Qin Dynasty. So much praise, paintings and proverbs that describe the beauty of the city of Hangzhou. In fact, according to the story, Marco Polo call this city is like a paradise because of it’s beauty. There is an old chinese proverb said “like the garden of paradise in the sky, There are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth”. Hangzhou, along with Suzhou, is two most well-known cities in China’s ancient times, not just because it’s beautiful scenery, but also because the people are well educated and have a high class culture.

West lake (XiHu) is the most famous favourit place in Hangzhou. So famous that it is often used as a place to take pictures for movie, Such as Legend of the White Snake. Artists such as painters, poets maker often got inspired to create their artwork at the West Lake. In the year 2011 the lake was included in the UNESCO World Heritage site.

West lake is a very large lake and surrounded by many kind of landscape, such as Chinese style garden, walkways, trees, marshes, city parks, museums, temples, ancient buildings, cafes, restaurants, squares, and the stores. It would spend a full day to enjoy the overall beauty of hangzhou’s west lake.

One of the most famous places in the west lake region is Leifeng Pagoda, the pagoda is very beautiful and has become witness of various historical events and myths that became a legend, one of which is legend of The White Snake. Leifeng Pagoda is one of the most famous pagoda in China.

To reach Hangzhou, from Shanghai you can use high-speed train for 45 minutes. While in Hangzhou, there are plenty of taxi at affordable rates.

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Pictures of West Lake

west lake of china

west lake of china


West Lake Huangzhou

West Lake Huangzhou (worldpropertyjournal)


Small Bridge of West Lake

Small Bridge of West Lake (wikipedia)


Sunset at West Lake

Sunset at West Lake


Scenery around West Lake

Scenery around West Lake (boomsbeat)


Scenery around West Lake in Hangzhou

Scenery around West Lake in Hangzhou (chinatravelca)


West Lake

West Lake (famouswonders)

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