Wagah Border – World’s Most Unique Flag Ceremony Ever!



Wagah Border – In the past Pakistan was included as a part state of India, after the civil war India was divided into two states based on the majority religion, namely India (mostly Hindu) and Pakistan (mostly Muslim).

Wagah Border Flag Ceremony

Wagah Border Flag Ceremony (tinypic.com)

These two countries (India and Pakistan) have a very unique border area known as Wagah Border. one thing that makes this state border very unique is the tradition of flag ceremony made by both countries simultaneously in every afternoon.

Not far from the gate of Wagah Border there is podium for audiences. The Podium is intended for citizens and foreigners who want to see the flag ceremony. The tradition of flag ceremony itself has started since 1959. The shape of the podium at Wagah Border is like a mini football stadium. The supporters sit on the chair of the mini stadium. foreigners usually have a special reserved area specifically to avoid bad things happen. This unique ceremony began with a parade of troops of both countries and ended with an unusual flag ceremony.

Before the ceremony began, the flag is raised togetherly for each country. Then the armed forces of each country began to march towards the gate with (seemingly) very rushed (and angry) face.

Wagah Border Flag Ceremony

Wagah Border Flag Ceremony

Once completed arrange the rows, each country gate opened and one soldier for each country meet and greet. Then the gate will be closed roughly. After the two state reorganize its line, the gate reopened and a couple of soldiers from each countries demonstrate movements that tend to provoke. Then one soldier for each country will convey admiration words to the next state, followed by lowering flag by forces of each country. The flags will be raised and lowered back the next day at the same ceremony.

Although both flag ceremony officers of Pakistan and India give respect and shake hands each other, ended with the sound of trumpets on both sides border reminiscent of the past when they were united, the whole process from beginning to end seem very aggressive. Especially with cheers of visitors who shouted each flag officers that fully armed.

The Atmosphere at Wagah Border Flag Ceremony is so noisy, and full of provocation. The crowd usually shout the slogans of their respective countries loudly, as “Pakistan is Great”, “god bless India”, or “our flag raise higher”. This event held every day, and always full of audience.

For more details about the interesting atmosphere of flag ceremony at the Wagah Border, you can watch the video below:

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