Nơi tốt nhất để đi cho Lễ Giáng sinh cho những kinh nghiệm ấm áp và giá cả phải chăng


  Are you looking to spend a warm Christmas for a change this year? These are some of the most affordable Christmas holiday destinations that have a warm and sunny weather throughout the month of December. Best Places to Go for Christmas in the AmericasPuerto Vallarta, Mexico Located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has always

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Bãi biển Cenang, Malaysia – địa điểm và các hoạt động cần thực hiện

Bãi biển Cenang

  Being as the busiest beach town in island of Langkawi, Bãi biển Cenang, Malaysia is the place full of diverse attractions, restaurants, shopping centers and cafes. Located only 10 phút’ drive from the airport in Langkawi, this beach town has been being popular holiday destination for families and honeymooners. The water is beautiful featuring white sands and transparent water with

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Nơi tốt nhất ở Macau cho bộ tính giờ đầu tiên

Venetian Macau

  Only an hour away from Hong Kong, Macau is accessible by ferry that operates several times a day. Macau is a small city with diversified cultures. It has Portuguese and Chinese culture mixture. There are definitely some of the best places in Macau that a tourist should visit. Often known as gambling haven, Macau certainly has vibrant night life.

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Haesindang – Sân vườn một trăm dương vật

Haesindang Park

  Jeju Love Land in Jeju Island is so famous as an iconic erotic park in South Korea. But, apparently the Gingseng Country have another similar interesting spot, namely Haesindang Park aka Park of penis. The normal park usually filled with flowers. But something unique happened in Haesindang Park. The Park filled with replica statues of penis. Haesindang Park or

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Maruyama – Các công viên siêu đẹp giữa ngôi chùa ở Kyoto

Maruyama Park

  Usually, the first thing that comes in by travelers who will be travelling to Kyoto is creating a list of temples that will be visited. That’s Fair enough, because Kyoto is indeed famous for its temples. There are actually several alternative places that can be used as transit point before switching to the next destination, depending on the location

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