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For those of you who want to have vacation in the city of Rome in Italy, then your trip is less complete if you have not been to one ofThe oldest museums in the world: the Vatican Museums.

The Vatican Museums (Italian: Musei Vaticani) is a building with collection of major artists in the era of Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Perugino and many more.

For Catholics, the chapel is famous as the place for election of a new pope. Election of the supreme leader of the Catholic Church conducted by cardinals from around the world. The Sign if the election has completed is thick white smoke coming out from chapel window.

Vatican Museum is a tourist destination that must be visited if you are in visit to the Vatican state. At the museum, visitors can see directly legacy of history, art, culture and architecture collection of the Vatican.

Vatican Museum is very popular among tourists. So do not be surprised if you are going to visit, there will be several kilometers long queue. To avoid this, there are two ways you can do, the first one is pre-order the ticket via internet or come early. to enter the vatican museum, the ticket price is 15 euro. The museum is open every day except Sunday.

After entering through the entrance door of the museum, we first have to go through a metal detector checks. While in This museum, you are invited to watch back fragments of history that happened in the past. especially when browse the corridors, visitors like being re-alive the historical story of Vatican’s greatness in the past.

The Vatican museum is very large and spacious, for those who like historic or art things then you must visit here. because the collection is so many, it seems one day is not enough to expolore all part of the museum.



Visitors Inside Vatican Museum

Visitors Inside Vatican Museum (


Vatican Museum Spiral Stair

Vatican Museum Spiral Stair (


Vatican Museum Deer Statue

Vatican Museum Deer Statue (wikipedia)


Vatican Museum

Vatican Museum (


On of Ceiling of Vatican Museum

On of Ceiling of Vatican Museum (wikipedia)


Inside Vatican Museum

Inside Vatican Museum


Artwork of Vatican Museum

Artwork of Vatican Museum (


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