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Colorful Valparaiso


Valparaiso word meaning Valley of Paradise (Valle Paraíso), City of Valparaiso located in the middle of the country of Chile, approximately 120 km to the southwest of the capital Santiago. Valparaiso is one of the most colorful cities in the world and it is also home to the lovers of street art.

City of Valparaiso is the most important port city in Chile. The city is extremely interesting to be enjoyed because the buildings is colorful and surrounded by beautiful hills. Once upon a time, when the ships at the port, ships will repaired and repainted. used paint cans are always left at the pier, locals took home the paint and apply it on the walls of their homes. It was like a domino effect, the use of paint that initially only to renew the walls of the house began to grow creatively becomes an urban and graffiti art. Since then street art began to popularized in Valparaiso. Paint and airbrush shed on the wall change it to a canvas with messages. Street art style was brought as a form of expression and protest, tilled in the execution of various bright colors typical of vandalism, this makes Valparaiso city is very colorful and different than other cities in world.

Another place that is not less interesting of the city of Valparaiso are monuments that were built in the town square and on some streets and parks city. Because many historic buildings and need to get the protection of the world then Valparaiso become one of the places that are protected by UNESCO as a international heritage site. Valparaiso has a public transport system just like the tram, but has a shape like electric bus and it is called Trolleybus. Existence of Trolleybus is an icon of Chile that so popular worldwide.

You can get various souvenirs from Chile at shops along the sidewalk and in downtown of Valparaiso. Alcoholic beverages such as Pisco can be bought as souvenirs typical of Chile. Pisco is the beverage resulting from fermentation of the wine with a particular method so it contains about 30% – 50% alcohol. Chile is a largest producer of wine in South America. for tourists, buying a bottle of wine for souvenirs is a special thing you must do if you are in Chile.

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Pictures of Valparaiso


Valparaiso's Street Art

Valparaiso’s Street Art


Colorful Valparaiso

Colorful Valparaiso


City Of Valparaiso

City Of Valparaiso


City Of Valparaiso's Street Art

City Of Valparaiso’s Street Art


Colorful of Valparaiso's Street Art

Colorful of Valparaiso’s Street Art


Valparaiso's Street Art (chile)

Valparaiso’s Street Art (chile)


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