Valletta – Beautiful Neo-Classical City of Malta

Beautiful Valletta City


Valletta is the capital of Malta, Malta itself is an island nation located in the south of the European continent. Amazing ancient neo-classic Buildings style that has been established since the 16th century still standing in the city of Valletta. The entire city of Valletta was officially recognized as a World World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980.

Originally Valletta city name comes from the name of a hero that have fight for the independence of Malta by fight agains the force of Rhodes and Turkey: Jean Parisot de Valette.

Buildings Architecture in Valletta reflects neo-classic style from the 16th century. The city is so unique because of the gray-yellowish buildings color. This happened because the stone used in the buildings comes from limestone.

Malta is a country with a majority of Catholics, in Valletta we can easily find the Catholic church almost at every end of the road. Because the strong influence of Catholicism, Malta’s culture is not like other countries in Europe, namely it is rare to see unmarried couples living in one home, and the divorce rate is also low, the respect for older people and women are also quite high.

Plan your visit to Valletta is something quite interesting, Here are some of the most iconic spots in the city of Valletta which must be visited:

  • St. John’s Co-Cathedral
  • Grand Master’s Palace
  • Fort St Elmo
  • Hastings Garden

Map to Valletta

Pictures of Valletta, Malta

Street in Valletta

Street in Valletta (journeyaroundtheglobe)


Valletta of malta

Valletta of malta (


On Top of Valletta

On Top of Valletta (


Valletta City

Valletta City


Beautiful Valletta City

Beautiful Valletta City (journeyaroundtheglobe)


Valletta - Small Beautiful City

Valletta – Small Beautiful City


Valletta Aerial View

Valletta Aerial View (


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