Useful Christmas Vacation Tips for You and Family



Travelling this Christmas? Get a peace of mind and ensure your Christmas vacation goes smooth and easy when you prepare beforehand and travel smart.

Christmas Vacation Tips for a Smooth Vacation

  • Check your travel documents

Make a checklist for your travels. Check them at least twice to make sure you don’t forget your essentials such as your travel documents. Make sure that your passport isn’t expired and also keep in mind that some travel destinations require a minimum validity period of six months. Visa requirements can be a hassle too, so do organize all the needed paperwork beforehand and make any compulsory arrangements or changes prior to your flight.

  • Luggage labeling

Although it may seem old fashioned, luggage labeling saves you the headache and heartache. Well, you may lose your luggage or let alone during Christmas when everything is supposed to be joyous and happy. Before flying, write your essential details such as your name, address of the hotel of your destination and your phone number. In addition, avoid mistaking some else’s luggage for yours and ruining Christmas for both parties by attaching any item which is easily identifiable, such as a ribbon or a string.

  • Print out the name and address of the hotel

Avoid the hassle of having to explain to the taxi driver about where your hotel is, especially if you’re going to a country which doesn’t speak English. Instead, print out the details of your hotel and show them to your taxi driver. Sometimes, the taxi drivers themselves could be just a clueless when it comes to places, so this is where this tip comes in handy.

  • Pack chargers and adaptors

Let’s face it, smartphones these days are very battery draining and aren’t built to last long. The last thing you want would be to not be able to take photos of beautiful places at your holiday destinations. So, remember to bring along your chargers for the devices necessary and don’t forget to include the right adaptors for the place you’re going to. To be safe, use a universal adaptor as you can’t go wrong with it.

  • Travel light

Leave any unneeded items at home. This will save you the trouble of having to pay any extra baggage fees and getting through crazy airport crowds. Just pack the necessary essentials and you’re good to go

  • Bring lots of snacks

Are you the type who gets hungry easily? Rather than spending unnecessarily in a foreign country on food that you’re not sure if you might even like, why not pack your own snacks and keep your stomach happy. Do include a few healthy snacks to make up for that seasonal stuffing.

  • Pack entertainment for the little ones

Keep your children busy on the plane by preparing some stuff such as an activity pack. Things like drawing books, activity sheets, a music player, some smart phone games and apps would be perfect to do the job. If all else fails, you can always tell them that if they want a present from Santa this year, they will have to be good.

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