Inside Ulm Minster


Ulm Minster is a famous example of Gothic church architecture, just like the Cologne Cathedral were also built in the same era. The Ulm Minster was firstly built in 1377 and recently finished completely in 1890. This church is the tallest church in the world. construction of the Ulm Minster is fully funded by the locals. Although sometimes referred as a cathedral, but actually Ulm Minster is a Protestant church.

Ulmer Minster which became a gathering place for many a sparrow has a very beautiful interior. The entire contents of the cathedral is still authentic, as beautiful as in ancient era.

Ulm Minster has a height of 162 meters, from the top level visitors can see beautiful panorama of Ulm City, in daylight or in sunny weather, if the fog is moving away from this city, you can see the Alps mountain ranges with its white ice peaks. Ulm City views offered at the top of the Ulm Minster tower is very impressive. You can climb to the top of Ulm Minster by climbing 768 stairs.

Map to Ulm Minster

Pictures of Ulm Minster


Ulm Minster

Ulm Minster (thousandwonders)


Ulm Minster Tallest Church

Ulm Minster Tallest Church (thousandwonders)


Ulm Minster at Night

Ulm Minster at Night (paradoxoff)


Inside Ulm Minster

Inside Ulm Minster (thousandwonders)


Beautiful Ulm Minster

Beautiful Ulm Minster (flairon.de)


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