Complete Information About MOUNT POPA (М'янма)

Mount Popa

  Mount Popa which means mountain flowers in Burmese is one of the most popular tourist spot located 50 km from the ancient city of Bagan. the mountains itself is an inactive volcanic mountain. The last eruption occurred estimated about 300 to thousands of years ago. Зараз, a natural phenomenon that occurred hundreds of years ago has made this mountain

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TIAN TAN BIG BUDDHAMost Incredible Destination in Hong Kong

Tian Tan Buddha

  As one of the most popular tourism city in the world, Hong Kong has a lot of tourist destinations. One of best in the eyes of the tourists is the Tian Tan Buddha, or also calles as the Big Buddha. Tien Tan Buddha Statue located at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, Сполучені Штати Америки, Китай. Tian Tan Big Buddha is the

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datdawtaung cave myanmar

  М'янма завжди йде про храми і культурних місць. Насправді є так багато красивих місць в М'янмі, but one that you extremely need to visit if you are in Myanmar is The Datdawtaung Cave. Ключові слова: Datdawtaung 洞窟寺院,datdawtaung cave,Datdawtaung Cave program,datdawtaung cave wiki

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Пантеон – Вічний стародавнього храму Рим

Пантеон і Обеліск

  Поруч функцію як фондову біржу, Рим також центром італійської туризму і багато цікавих місць. One of the best tourism spot of Rome is a temple called Pantheon. If you ever watched the movie by Tom Hanks called Angels and Demons Then you surely know this place. Pantheon is the most unique landmarks

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St.Mark BasilicaMost Beautiful Building of Venice

Pictures of St Mark Basilica - The Golden Church

  Поруч з гондольного, Венеція є дуже популярним для найвідомішої базиліка (звані базиліки Сан-Марко місцевими жителями). St Mark’s Basilica is the most beautiful church in Venice. The church is considered as a symbol of wealth and power of Venice since the 11th century, the building is also known as the Chiesa d’Oro(Golden Church). Ключові слова: Basilica of St

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