Pedraforca – Піші прогулянки і насолодитися природною красою Каталонії


  Pedraforca is one of the iconic hiking sites in Catalonia. This mountain range is situated in Catalonia, Іспанія. Hikers from all over the globe usually take advantage of accommodation in Barcelona before they hike this site. This hiking site is famous due to the breath-taking view of the surrounding area. The route to its summit is challenging, yet safe

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Arashiyama Bamboo grove (Кіото, Японія)

Inside Bamboo Forest of Arashiyama (worldfortravel)

  Kyoto may not be as dense and luxurious as Tokyo. But this area stores various natural attractions that are very interesting to visit, one of them is the Arashiyama Bamboo grove. Ключові слова: bambushain arashiyama,arashiyama bambushain,taman bambu jepang kudus,забележителности арашияма,bambusove haje kyoto,cenany of bamboo forest,hutan bambu kudus,kurmi japan,जपान मध्ये इमारती

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Чорний ліс (Schwarzwald ) – Страшний ліс в світі коли-небудь

Містичний Шварцвальда Німеччини

  Німеччина є одним з найбільш розшукуваних місцем відпочинку для молодих мандрівників. За красою своїх міст, Німеччина має лісу, що покриті містичного краси, таємниці, званий чорний ліс. Темрява сенсі лісу стали натхненням для братів Грімм зробити ' білий сніг’ казка. Ключові слова: чорний ліс,чорний ліс Німеччини,ліс,чорний ліс зображень,чорны лес,Foresta nera,काला वन,black firest

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Enjoying Wildlife Experience in Yosemite National Park (U.S)

Fall at Yosemite

  Yosemite national park located 200 km east of San Francisco and its one of the most beautiful national park in America. Located among the mountains of California, Yosemite National Park known for its granite cliffs and waterfall. This park contains five major vegetation zones: oak forest, low mountain, top mountain, subalpine and alpine. The wildlife is vary here and

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Amazing Scenery of Olympic National Park

Extraordinary View of Olympic National Park (

  Olympic is one of the best national park in United States of America, it’s so famous for its natural beauty. This 350,000 hectares park located in the northwest corner of the USA in the State of Washington, presents fascinating natural wonders. This park conditions are so natural and pure, the view also stunning. UNESCO has declared the National Park Olympic as an international biosphere

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Wildlife Vacation in Penang National Park (Малайзія)

Malaysian tortoise at Penang National Park (Джерело:

  Pinang or Penang Islang is a state of Malaysia which lies on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Although included in the list of the smallest state, Pinang Islang actually said as the the most advanced and richest state in Malaysia. Ключові слова: ペナン国立公園シロハラウミワシ,mazita eshiri,ペナンのシロハラウミワシ,penang nationalpark,rezervati v maleziji,some pictures of dewalogam,Tasveer Normandy ka,منتزه بينانج الوطني,ペナン国立公園

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