Parc des Princes and World Class Luxurious Facilities

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  For all football or rugby fans, Parc des Princes stadium in paris is a place you must visit. The stadium is Paris Saint-Germain football club’s home base since 1974, and was initially French football and rugby national teamshome stadium, before France’s new national stadium Stade de France opened. This stadium holds a category four rating from the UEFA,


Extraordinary Travel to Wembley Stadium

wembley stadium

  If you have a plan to travel to United Kingdom, Wembley Stadium is the alternative destination to be visited. Күренгәнчә, исемнәре, it is located in Wembley, Англия. It is a stadium for football that is classified as UEFA stadium with 90.000 урыннарын. It becomes the largest stadium in UK. This stadium hosts for several big football matches.

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