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Tropea is a municipality located in a peninsula of Calabria, it is a world class tourist city and often referred to as “Window of Heaven”. Since long time ago it is used to be a recreation center for Roman princes. From the altitude of Tropea, we can see the scenery, which will never be obtained from other parts of the world.

Coastline along the Tyrrhenian Sea known as the Costa degli Dei, or Coast of the Gods. This area is one of the best summer vacation spot in Italy. With views of dramatic cliffs, overlooking crystal clear blue oceans.

Tropea is built right above some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the Mediterranean. The most famous sights of Tropea is a large rock hill facing the sea few hundred meters from the city. What an incredible experience it is to see the dramatic rocky cliffs rise up against the Sunlit sea of ​​blue below. At the top of the cliff, there is a monastery Santa Maria dell’Isola built in the 7th century.

Tropea is home to one of the Italian most spectacular white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters and stunning coastline that rivaled the famous Amalfi Coast. Sunset from Tropea is truly amazing with the sun setting directly on the church of Santa Maria with Aeolian Islands in the distance.

Although the magnificent stretch of coast is the main reason to visit Tropea, actually There is so many places to be enjoyed in the city of Tropea. There are some beautiful buildings, squares, and Norman Cathedrals whose interior shows some unexploded USA bomb from World War II.

Tropea has been inhabited since Neolithic times, and has been occupied by a variety of origins, such as Arab, Norman, Swabian, Anjous and Aragon. The city has also been attacked by pirates of Turkey. Local legend says that Tropea was founded by Hercules. Locals believe Tropea was founded by Hercules who named it Tropeas (Trophy) for the prize he had discovered.

Map to Tropea, Italy

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White Sand Beach of Tropea

White Sand Beach of Tropea (



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Tropea Aerial View

Tropea Aerial View (


Santa Maria dell'Isola on cliff of Tropea Beach

Santa Maria dell’Isola on cliff of Tropea Beach (wikipedia)


beach of tropea

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sunset of tropea

sunset of tropea


girl in tropea beach

girl in tropea beach (cultureglaze)


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