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Traveling to Bali will be more fun if you can bring the whole member of your family with you. Many tourism places in Bali are so friendly to all ages. Bali zoo is a recommended tourism destination that you can choose to spend your holiday time with your family. Located in Gianyar, Bali, this zoo is built in an 8-hectare area contains a variety of plants and tropical trees. The collections of animals in this zoo can be regarded as the most complete compared to other zoos in Indonesia. You can see a large variety of mammals, reptiles, and birds from Indonesia and South East Asia. The zoo is open from 09:00 to 18:00. However, Bali zoo also has a night event every Wednesday and Saturday from 18:00 to 21:00 which allows you to observe nocturnal animals.

Feed the Animals

bali zoo - feed the animals

bali zoo – feed the animals


In Bali zoo, one of the most popular attractions is feeding the animals. There are many exotic animals you can feed by only spending 5 dollars for additional payments. It will be very interesting for the kids if they can get closer with tigers, lions, elephants and other exotic animals. The animals are safe, obviously. There are also some guides who will help you and your children to feed the animals.

However, the opportunity to feed the animals is only given in some specific times. The animals have their own diet and feeding schedule. Once they fulfill the amount of food that should be given per feeding schedule, the visitors are no longer allowed to feed them. you may contact the zoo keeper first if you want to know the availability the animals.

Elephant Rides

bali zoo - riding elephant

bali zoo – riding elephant


Another great attraction for family experience is riding the elephants. The cost is about 100 dollars for an adult. You and your family will be able to explore the zoo from the back of an elephant. Feeling the gentle moving and ears flapping of the elephant will give you a unique experience and help your children to understand more about animals. There are two riding packages offered by the Bali zoo. First is the package just for the elephant ride only and the second is the elephant expedition where you can ride the elephant through special treks which contain a river and a waterfall.

There are also many kinds of activities to do in Bali zoo. If your children are too afraid of riding the elephant, you can choose to ride pony instead. You can also try the outbound adventure facilities to just have fun with your family and make your children close to nature. There is a high rope which can provide you with adrenaline and test your courage. A 125-meters flying fox is also worth trying but maybe you cannot involve your children at this time.

Around the zoo complex, there is a village trek which will take you to a forest, rushing rivers, lush rice paddies, and some Balinese villages. If you take two hours trek, you can visit Subak Gunung temple. It is the place of silversmiths, goldsmiths, and stone carvers.

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