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Washington DC is a magnificent city that has amazing buildings. One of the most famous building is the Washington Monument. Who does not know the Washington Monument?. Washington Monument is the world’s tallest obelisk monument built to commemorate George Washington (1775-1798).

Washington Monument designed by architect Robert Mills and construction was began since 1848, but construction was delayed due to lack of funds because The American Civil War. The form of the monument is high and sturdy as high as 555 feet, Made from marble, granite, and white sandstone.

Around the Washington Monument there are flags of United States of America. On one of the doors there is a logo of Egyptian-style sun with wings (Read Also: Karnak – Temple of Egyptian Gods).

George Washington Monument is open daily from Monday to Sunday at 9:00 until 22:00. By paying a $ 25 dollars ticket, visitors can go inside and and ascend to the highest peak of the Washington Monument. At the Washington Monument tour guide will explain the history of each part of the building. In Washington Monument peak you can see many U.S iconic buildings such as the Pentagon, White House, and Lincoln Memorial.

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Pictures of Washington Monument

Washington Monument

Washington Monument (youtube)


Washington Monument at Night

Washington Monument at Night (oddcities)


Washington Monument Picture

Washington Monument Picture (wikipedia)


Washington Monument Building

Washington Monument Building


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