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U.S Capitol is an building of the United States Congress, located in the area of ​​the National Mall. In U.S Capitol the American lawmakers fight for their aspirations. The building is a meeting place for the senators for more than two centuries.

Architecture design of U.S Capitol resemble buildings of ancient Greece and Rome (Read Also: Pantheon – Eternal Ancient Temple of Rome), Capitol Building listed as one of America’s Most Favorite Architecture by the American Institute of Architects. Beside used as a congress building U.S Capitol also used as a museum of art and history. Every year this place is visited by up to 5 million visitors from around the world.

Famous part of U.S Capitol building is it’s Exotic large Dome. With this dome, the Capitol Building height reaches 88 meters. The popular rooms in the U.S Capitol are Hall of Columne, The Brumidi Corridor, Old Supreme Court Chamber, Crypt, and Rotunda. In U.S Capitol there are guides who are ready to escort you, simply by firstly signing up at the Visitor Center. In addition to walk around and learn about history of United States of America, Visitor can also purchase souvenirs at the Gift Shops or eat at the restaurant inside the U.S Capitol.

Capitol Building opened for public from 8:30 to 16:30 everyday, except sunday. Visitors may bring a guide book provided by the museum during the visit and there is no entrance fee to come.

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Pictures of U.S Capitol

US Capitol

US Capitol (cloudfront)


US Capitol at Evening

US Capitol at Evening (worldnewsdigest)


Picture of US Capitol


Inside of US Capitol

Inside of US Capitol (cloudfront)


Visitors of US Capitol

Visitors of US Capitol (

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