Top 5 Impressive Architectures in Rome

Rome - St. Peter’s Basilica


Rome is more than place with great history. It becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. If you like to see how ancient people manage to build famous building, you can check the following list. The list is about several must visit places in Rome. Most of them are in form of ancient building with impressive architecture.

1. Colosseum

Rome - Colosseum

Rome – Colosseum


This ancient building is established between 70 up to 80 AD. It is constructed under the command of Vespasian, the emperor on this period. However, the construction is finished on the period of Titus, his successor. Due to the durable concrete and sand material used, the architectural beauty of this building can be seen up to this day. It was once build as Amphitheatre. Colosseum is the place where the famous Gladiators are fighting against each other to entertain the people and the emperor.

2. Pantheon

Rome - Pantheon

Rome – Pantheon


Before Christianity spread in Rome, the people are mostly pagans. They worship their gods in the temple called as pantheon. This Roman temple has unique architectural design. The roof of main chamber is in form of dome. The dome has circular hole on the center called as oculus. Beam of light can penetrate the main chamber from this oculus. It is intended to worship their sun god. When the Christianity comes to Rome, Pantheon is converted into a church. These days, it becomes a popular tourist destination.

3. Castel Sant’Angelo

Rome - Castel Sant’Angelo

Rome – Castel Sant’Angelo


Castel Sant’Angelo is also popular as Mausoleum of Hadrian. The structure of this building resembles tower with cylindrical construction. It is built under the command of Hadrian, the Roman emperor during his period. It is intended as mausoleum for him along with his family. However, due to the fortified construction, it is used as fortress to protect the pope. Castel Sant’Angelo opens for public during specific time. When entering this unique building, the visitors have to cross the bridge. The side of the bridge is filled with statues of angles.

4. St. Peter’s Basilica

Rome - St. Peter’s Basilica

Rome – St. Peter’s Basilica


This tourist destination is the center of Roman Catholic. It is the same place where the pope performs the religious ritual. Basilica is dedicated for St. Peter. The tomb of St. Peter is located exactly under the main altar of this church. The previous pope are buried in the same site ever since. As a church, St. Peter’s Basilica opens for public during the mass or other religious activity. Several famous artists create the interior beauty of the basilica.

5. Sistine Chapel

Rome - Sistine Chapel

Rome – Sistine Chapel


This chapel is located in the Vatican City. The precise location is between St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter Square. The chapel is house for masterpiece of Michelangelo called as the Last Judgment. Papal Conclave is performed inside this chapel, where they choose for the next pope. As popular tourist destination of Rome, you can visit this place as tourist.

Each of the tourist destinations on this list has their own historical value. Some of them even have valuable masterpiece of art. The architecture used on the building is mostly dominated with arches. Arch is the peak of architecture design during the period of those buildings is made.

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