Top 4 Destinations for Thanksgiving in US



Thinking of having a short holiday during the Thanksgiving? Well, there are so many best destinations for Thanksgiving across the US that you do not have to travel outside the country. This will be another awesome holiday you spend with your family. So, care to figure out which are the best destinations? Let’s figure them out.

  1. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Here is the first recommended destination for holiday during the Thanksgiving. Why don’t you enjoy the mountain getaway in Gatlinburg? This is a beautiful gateway near Great Smoky Mountain and National Park. It has been a very popular destination for family holidays all year long. Enjoy the super cozy mountain chalets and cabin as you do various activities around the cabin. Visiting this place in the winter means having the chance to do ice skating, ski and snow tubing you and your family member will enjoy so much. Don’t worry there are a lot of gear available to rent in this place so you do not have to bring your own gear.

  1. Hawaii

If you want something tropical with beautiful beaches, sun and breeze, Hawaii is the perfect destination. Hawaii is great to be visited all year long. When you come to Hawaii in November, it will be more likely to find this place less crowded and this is a great thing because you get the chance to enjoy quieter holiday. However, it is the rainy month. But actually rain isn’t really a major problem when it comes to spending holiday in Hawaii. Even under the rain, you can still enjoy the beaches and visit several islands. And you know what? Hawaii also has Thanksgiving parade that is usually held on the Friday after the Thanksgiving.

  1. Orlando, Florida

Here comes another recommended spot for Thanksgiving holiday, the Orlando. It is the place to visit the theme parks. Well, you may think that Thanksgiving is not the right time for theme parks, but you have thought it wrong. The theme parks usually offer extended hours so you can have more time to enjoy all the shows and ride without having to battle the massive crowds. And another great thing is the meal. There will be a lot of Thanksgiving meal and other foods offered at the theme parks like a culinary feast. The Disney World is the best place to taste these various meals from traditional turkey dinner to delicious desserts.

  1. New York City

NYC is a magnet for millions of tourists worldwide. So, when you decide to visit this town for your Thanksgiving holiday, you have made the right decision. Known as the Big Apple, NYC celebrates Thanksgiving with great and awesome celebrations with marching bands, floats, cheerleaders and massive balloons. Make sure to stay at the hotel near the place where the celebrations are held. This way, it will be easier to you to access the place because NYC tends to have bad traffic jam especially during special celebrations.

So, which place will you visit? Make sure to take all your family members to spend the great holiday with.

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