Summit Matagalls – Mesmerizing Natural Landscape ng Barcelona


  Here comes another popular tourist destination in Spain, the summit of Matagalls. talaga, Matagalls is a part of famous mountainous in Northeast of Barcelona that is known as Sierra del Montsenny. Located not too far from sea, the Sierra del Montsenny becomes the most important massif among the Catalan Prelittoral Sierra and is known to be well marked mountain

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mahusay Enchanted – Unbelieveble Journey para Adventurer

mahusay Enchanted

  Gran encantat is the rock mountain located in Spain. The exact location is Pyrenees, Catalonia. Sa lugar na ito, two peaks are categorized into Els Encantats. Besides Gran Encantat, another peak is Petite Enchantet. Both of them are like sibling. This mountain has height approximately 2476 metro. It is quite lesser than Petiti Enchantet because it can reach more than

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