Tips for Vacation in Bali for First-Timers



Whether it’s the first or second time, considering some best tips for vacation in Bali is always working. As one of the most famous tropical islands in Asia, Bali always attracts crowds from all over the word. So, do not be surprised when Bali gets so crowded during peak season from May to August. This is the best time for summer vacation with the typical hot tropical sunlight. Despite of some assumption regarding Bali’s safety issue but this island is actually very safe to travel to. And with the useful tips, vacation in Bali is going to be much better.

Practical Tips for Vacation in Bali

1. Pack more T-shirt

Bali is a tropical island with average temperature is 30° to 32° Celsius every day. Even during the rainy season, the temperature doesn’t change much. So, you’d better avoid packing jeans, shirts, and sweater. None of you want to be trapped under thick clothes while having sweat running through the whole body, right? Cotton and other thin fabric is the best choice to wear. Make yourself comfortable with any clothes.

2. Crowd is almost everywhere

Bali is the most touristic island in Southeast Asia. Expecting crowds in almost everywhere is normal. Even if you’re up at the mountain, there will be tourists. So, do not draw yourself from the crowd. Instead, blend in and enjoy the best moment. However, tips for vacation in Bali recommend finding peace once at a time while staying in Bali. One of the solutions is by staying at some remote villa or hotel situated in the countryside. You’ll be surprised with the scene. There are beautiful and green paddy rice fields across Bali.

3. Respect Religious Customs

Bali is known for its magic and it’s solely because of its religion and religious events and customs that have been being practiced for so many years. Even in this millennium, Bali’s religious custom is still enchanting. It’s what makes this island very special. Get yourself used to ceremony held on the street. Respecting it also means wearing proper clothes or dress in religious temple and other sacred locations. Ensure to be informed by the guide.

4. Bargain Smartly

Finding stuffs offered in fixed price is very hard in Bali except in modern department stores. So, every time you think of buying something at the stalls by the street or at traditional market, make sure to always bargain. Local sellers won’t pity customers so do not expect them to give reasonable price without bargaining. Be smart and do not get tricked. It’s one of the must-practice tips for vacation in Bali.

5. Turn to Less Popular Spots

Since Bali is always a host of thousands of tourist every year, it’s nice if you get the chance to get away from the crowd and enjoy peace. Go to less popular tourist spot instead of the most popular like Kuta Beach. Bali has along coastal line so this island actually has so many beautiful beaches to explore. Rent a motorcycle and experience the natural Bali on your own.

Enjoying the real Bali will leave you speechless and amazed. And with the practices of tips for vacation in Bali, the vacation will go real nice and smooth.


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