Tips for Budget Traveling for a Fun yet Cheap Travel



When planning before traveling, aside from the places to visit, budget planning is also important. With the growing of information sharing, now you can plan your travel better. Look at these tips for budget traveling for a better travel experience that suit well with your financial. Planning Is Everything for Budget Traveling.


1. Plan your finance and the duration of your travel
The first of the tips for budget traveling is to first bring up your travel budget and start looking for possible places to travel to that is within your budget. The cost of living of your travel destination will greatly affect your duration of stay and what you can do or get when you are traveling. Set priorities to what you want to do there into several categories, such as what is a must and what is optional. This budget has to be rational; for example, don’t plan each meal to be $1 when in fact a meal is about $2. If you’re planning to fund your travel by taking jobs after you arrive at your destination, it’s best to find a job first before you depart. If you’re planning to look for jobs after you arrive, you must have another plan in case you couldn’t find one. Remember to always have an emergency fund no matter what.

2. Look for the transportation prices and how long to get there
Research how you want to get to your destination. If it’s far away, usually people opt to go there by airplane. Traveling by train or ship will take more time, but offer greater travel experience. You have to consider the extra costs that come with each stop, or even the meals you have to pay on your travel. Don’t forget to also plan your way of getting around after you arrive at your destination. Usually the cheapest way is to use public transportation. But transportation condition in every place differs, and public transportation may not be the best choice in every place. If you’re planning to move places a lot, also consider the routes and the expenses.

3. Research places to visit and how long you’re going to stay in each place
It’s better to have a rough picture of how your travel is going to go. Plan several key places that you know you want to visit, like museums, temples, or some sightseeing. Other places can be planned around these places, such as nearby food stalls or shopping places. The next of the many tips for budget traveling is to visit nearby places in one go for time and budget efficiency. Plan how long you want to spend in each place to help keep you within budget.

4. Learn the basic language
Learn at least how to greet the locals, how to reserve stays or rides, how to ask direction in case you are lost, and key phrases for shopping. Knowing these things can help you tons and will make the locals more respectful and think twice before scamming you.

These tips for budget traveling are simple enough and easy to follow. Remember that the more you plan, the less likely it is for you to stray away from your budget.

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