Tioman Island Malaysia – Paradise for Scuba Divers



Tioman Island is most popular scuba diving spot in Malaysia. The sand of the beach is so clean and the sea water is crystal clear. even from the surface of water you can see clearly into the sea floor. Tourists from all over the world come here every year, most of the tourist is Singaporean, Germany, France, England, and other europe Countries. average number of tourist come to Tioman Island is about 50000 person every year.

The scenery of Tioman island is so beautiful both inside and outside of the water. inside the water, you will see million of cute fishes swim around you. the corals are so many and beautiful. Tioman island under water live is a heaven for scuba divers. outside the water you can enjoy giant beauty cliffs and green nature. lot of shade trees arround the beach will help you to get relax enjoying breeze air accompanied by fresh coconut drink.

At Tioman Island there also a beautiful waterfall. after swimming at salty sea water you can clean up your body at this fresh waterfall. Tioman island nature really provide the best service for their tourists.

Photos of Tioman Island

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