The Shard (London) – Amazing 4th Tallest Building in Europe

The Shard of London at Night


The Shard is one of the tallest building in Europe, located in the UK. The Shard was inaugurated as the tallest building in Europe on July 5, 2012, Reaches 306 meters in height with its 73 stories. a few years later the position as the tallest building in Europe was take away by 3 super buildings from Moscow.

One thing that makes The Shard is very special compared to other skyscrapers is because it is located in the city of London. London is the capital of England that known as a city that has a worldwide history. The Shard is expected to provide a reference for the world as well as the European public as the iconic symbol of the London. The Shard become equally popular tourist destination such as Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, and other aesthetic buildings. The Shard represent modernity of English

From the outside, The Shard looks very impressive. The structure is clad in steels and glasses with unusual shapes, like pyramids slimmer shape. The Shard construction costs that began built in 2009 is about 450 million pounds. The Specialty of The Shard is in its height and The Panorama above that will provide a circular 360-degree views of London unhindered by other buildings.

From the top of The Shard, you can see an amazing 360-degree views of London. you can see the Big Bang, Buckingham Palace, the River Thames, Stamford Bridge Stadium, The Big Wheel, and beautiful city parks in London.

If you want to see the spectacular views of London from top of The Sharp, you can come to “The View” that located on top of The Shard. The View is a room located on floors 68, 69 and 72. From The View you can see the landscape of London freely. To be able to enter into The Shard visitors have to pay 25 pounds for a 30 minute visit to the top of the Shard, in the The View observation deck on the top of The Shard you can freely enjoy Spectacular 360-degree panorama of the city of London.

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Pictures of The Shard – 4th Tallest Building in Europe

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