The Most Popular and Must Visit Places in Bangkok

Bangkok - Wat Pho


Where is the best place in Bangkok? Is a question that usually asked by people if they want to go to Thailand? Bangkok, the capital city of the country, is one of the best cities in South East Asia that offers many amazing places and attractions for the visitors. You may need to Google first about what things to do in the city or what is the must visit place in Bangkok because there are so many beautiful places and many things to do there. This article will give you some it and you can use it as a reference.

The Temples and Shrines

Temple or ‘Wat’ in the Thai language is the one that comes up on most of people’s mind when they are talking about a must visit place in Bangkok. If you a first time visitor, you must visit some of the biggest and most popular temples in Thailand which you can find in Bangkok. They are Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaew or the Grand Place, Wat Traimit, and Wat Pho.

Wat Arun or The Temple of Dawn is a famous temple which constructed in the 19th century. It is located on Thonburi bank of the Chao Phraya River. This temple has the ancient Khmer style with more than 70 meters high. The best time to visit the temple is in the afternoon because you can see a beautiful sunset there. It also lit up in the night and makes it even more beautiful. To enter the temple, you need to pay 100 Bath. It is open every day from 08.30 to 17.30. Wat Arun is located near Wat Pho. You can use a river boat to reach Wat Pho by paying 3 Bath.

Grand palace or Wat Phra Kew is another must visit place in Bangkok. This is where the Thai kings lived until the 20th century. Built in 1782, this temple has a very beautiful architecture and stunning details. In this place, you will find the Emerald Buddha, a very famous Buddha statue that exists from the 14th century. This place is still used as the place to held important rituals for Buddhists in Thailand and also the coronations of the kingdom. As one of the most sacred places in Thailand, the rules in the temple are very strict. Visitors must wear a proper dress before entering the place. If you go to the entrance and dress improperly, you can go to the booth which can help you to dress properly.

Besides two temples above, Erawan Shrine is the famous place that visited by many tourists. It even has more visitors than the two temples because Erawan shrine is not limited to Buddhists. This place has a strange history. The location was originally prepared for The Luxury Erawan Hotels, but the constructors encountered so many problems in the beginning stages of the construction. It was believed as the place of spirits. After consulting astrologers, the constructor decided to build a shrine as a form of homage to the Brahma God. It was very successful and the location even become so famous worldwide.

Pictures of Exotic Places in Bangkok

Bangkok - Wat Pho

Bangkok – Wat Pho


Bangkok - Wat Arun

Bangkok – Wat Arun


Wat Traimit

Wat Traimit


Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Phra Kaew


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