Нишон ҳайвоноти ваҳшӣ аҷиб дар Вали Сафари ва Парк Marine

Вали Сафари ва Парк Marine

  Visiting Bali will never be complete without experiencing the Bali Safari and Marine Park. It is the new and among the most popular tourist destinations in Bali. This zoo is full of countless species that comes from around the world. Even from the entrance, you will feel exciting already as it looks like the Jurassic Park-ish with all the


Маслиҳатҳо барои рухсатӣ дар Вали барои нахустин Таймерҳои


  Новобаста аз он ки аввал ва ё дуюм бор он, considering some best tips for vacation in Bali is always working. Ҳамчун яке аз ҷазираҳои машҳури тропикӣ дар Осиё, Bali always attracts crowds from all over the word. ҳамин тавр, do not be surprised when Bali gets so crowded during peak season from May to August. This is the best time

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