Temple of Debod – Magnificent Ancient Egypt Building in Madrid (Spain)

Sunset at Templo de Debod


If you’re on vacation, spare time for yourself to go to some museums and historic buildings and learn how people in the past built beautiful buildings. Madrid, as one of the most favorite tourist destination in Spain also has its own historic buildings.

One of the most unique yet beautiful piece of architecture that you can find in the city of Madrid is The Temple of Debod or in Spanish usually called as Templo de Debod. The temple is an ancient Egyptian temple that rebuilt in the city of Madrid.  These temple were originally built in 2000 BC with a total area of ​​approximately 15 kilometers in Southern parts of the Aswan area located in southern Egypt, close to the famous Nile river and it was a famous religious central area and dedicated to the goddess Isis.

Templo de Debod, is an Egyptian temple. Formerly this is a gift from Egypt given to Spain for their service in saving the Abu Simbel temple from floods of Lake Nasser. Templo de Debod moved from Egypt to the city of Madrid in the years 1960-1970 while Aswan dam was built.

The Temple of Debod began to open to the public since 1972. Many visitors are surprised when Madrid finally able to adopt cultural heritage of Egypt. There are some differences in the composition of the original buildings of the temple which used to be in Egypt. However, the temple remains a unique tourist attraction in Spain because it stores lot of relics from ancient Egypt.

Visitors can admire this historical monument by seeing the relief and get into the museum that displays photos of old history of Templo de Debod. The garden surrounding the monument also offers beautiful city view of Madrid and it is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset at evening.

Map to Temple of Debod

Pictures of Temple of Debod

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