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Visit to Westminster Abbey Church in London

Westminster Abbey London

  Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster (Westminster Abbey) is the most famous cathedral in the United Kingdom. Westminster Abbey is a masterpiece of architecture that listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Westminster Abbey building seen like a giant cross if viewed from sky. Not only the shape that so amazing, but also ornaments and decorations

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Big Ben – Iconic Building of London (England)

Big Ben Wallpaper

  Big Ben is one of the famous icon in the world, just like Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Statue of Liberty in the United States. Big Ben is the name of a clock tower located at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London, England. keywords: london big ben,ijiptu piramid beeg,beeg Landan,इंग्लैंड beeg,lenden hotel beeg,london eye big ben,most papur

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Visit London Dungeon – Realive Horrible Stories of London

Funny inside london dungeon

  In addition to the victory, success and Glory, England also has its dark history. The dark side of England history indeed tries to re-designed by the London Dungeon to become one of the most unique destination that can attracts visitors, especially the one who loves horror. keywords: London Dungeon,qorqinchli hikoyalar,خوفناک کہانیاں,sejarah gelap london,лондонские подземелья история,tower of london dungeon,sejarah london

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Buckingham Palace (England) – World’s Most Popular Palace Ever

Tourist Crowd in front of Buckingham Palace (wikimedia.org)

  Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the King of England in London. Located in the City of Westminster, the palace is an important place for state occasions. This palace has been the center of the crowd for the British people at national events. The building formerly known as Buckingham House keywords: buckingham palace inside,বাকিংহাম,বাকিংহামপ্যালেস,british palace,白金汉宫内部,宮殿の前,বাকিংহাম প্রাসাদ,বাকিংহাম প্যালেসে,palácio de

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