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Legoland Windsor – Travel Stories

Miniland of Legoland Windsor

  Who is not know the Lego toys ?, Not only played by children, Lego also played by adults that interest in develop their imagination and make it happen in the real world in miniature form. A paradise for lovers of Lego is located in the UK, precisely in Windsor. Legoland Windsor is an amusement park located in Windsor, Berkshire,

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Amazing Things in Legoland Malaysia


  Who don’t know Lego?, Seems like everybody knows Lego. Lego is a plastic construction toy manufactured by a company from Denmark. Lego firstly made in 1949 and continuing their success until now. Malaysia as one of most developed country in South-East Asia successfully convince Lego Group to built their sixth Legoland in Johor Baru, Malaysia. Legoland Malaysia is the first

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