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Explore India through Agra


  Do you have any plan to travel to India? There are plenty of choices for your trip. India is one of the most visited countries in the world. It is well known as the tourist attractions and historical places as well as the people and also the cultures. With its strong Hinduism, people can enjoy the atmosphere of this

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Roman Forum

  Who is not know the Julius Caesar? The most popular of ancient Roman emperor who has conquer almost the whole of Europe to North Africa. Well if you have a plan to visit Rome, capital of Italy, then there is one place beside the Colosseum that you must visit, it is Roman Forum. In Italian Roman Forum called as

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Hagia Sophia Istanbul

  Hagia Sophia Museum in the city of Istanbul, Turkey could be said as one of the most important relic of history that describe development of civilization of the country. keywords: હેગિઆ સોફિયા,சமீபத்திய முக்கியமான மற்ற

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