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Versailles (Paris) – World’s Most Beautiful Garden and Palace Ever

The Palace of France (source: allvietnam.com)

  Chateu de Versailles or Palace of Versailles is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Paris. The magnificent palace of Versailles was the work of one and a half century commissioned by the French kings to their famous artists. Versailles was the main residence of the French kings from Louis XIV to Louis XVI (1682-1789). keywords: versailles gardens,versailles

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Museum Louvre (Paris) – Home of Monalisa


  Museum Louvre or Musee Du Louvre (france language) is the most famous and also the most visited museum in the world. This museum become increasingly popular since Dan brown’s book Da Vinci code was published. keywords: venera haykali,leonardo the vinci yanche sangrahalay,Monalisa urop sangralay,monalisa which sangralay,nopolion haykali uzunligi,patung yang ada di louvre,perish sangrahalay loobre,पेरिस के संग्रहालय

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