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Shwedagon (Myanmar) – The Golden Pagoda

Golden Pagoda of Yangon - Myanmar

  Travelling to Myanmar is not complete without visiting the biggest pagoda in the city of Yangon named Shwedagon. This gold-plated Pagoda is a symbol of Myanmar: Land of Thousand Pagoda. keywords: Shwedagon,shwedagon pagoda photo,Shwe Dagon Pagoda,shwe dagon,yangon myanmar,pagoda shwedagon,myanmar pagoda,yangon,shwedagon pagoda yangon myanmar,shwedagon pagoda image,GOLDEN PAGODA BURMA,myanmar yangon,shwedagon pagoda myanmar,pagode gold,Shwe ago Pagoda in Yangon,Pagodas in Myanmar,myanmar pagoda photo,beautiful

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Diving in Exotic Andaman Islands (India)

Diving in Andaman Island India

  Andaman Islands become the spotlight of the world after one of the latest theory about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was connected to the location of the island. Behind many mysteries about this place, Andaman is one of the best tourist spots in the world. keywords: andaman island,andaman,andamanen,andaman island pic,Andoman island,नालाबाना द्वीप समूह किस झील के मध्य

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