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Library of Alexandria Painting

  Visiting to the Library of Alexandria, you will find many important manuscripts of various religions. In the library there are manuscripts produced by best scholars about geometry, trigonometry, astronomy, language, literature and medicine. Even the text books of Hebrew ancient language by Jewish scholars are exist in this museum. Library of Alexandria has many valuable collections, such as important

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St.Anne Church (Jerusalem) – A Religious Visit

Santa Anna (ticktab.com)

  Church of Santa Anne well-known as a place where the Virgin Mary was born. Entering Church of Santa Anne will make every visitors amazed for its huge size, uniqueness and it’s beauty. keywords: यारूसलेम चारच,gereja st anne yerusalem,rumah kuno di yerusalem,yerushalem चर्च,জেরুসালেমের পুরনো নগর,聖安娜教堂耶路撒冷

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