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Sagrada Familia Church (Barcelona) – Magnificent Masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi

Inside La Sagrada Familia

  According to the survey by UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism organization), Spain ranks third as the country most visited by foreign tourists. One of it’s favorite tourist destination city is Barcelona. Barcelona is popular tourism destination between traveler, If you pay a visit to Barcelona, ​​one must-see tourist destination here is La Sagrada Familia. Church Expiatori de la Sagrada

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Big Ben – Iconic Building of London (England)

Big Ben Wallpaper

  Big Ben is one of the famous icon in the world, just like Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Statue of Liberty in the United States. Big Ben is the name of a clock tower located at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London, England. keywords: london big ben,ijiptu piramid beeg,beeg Landan,landan nedu bige,lenden hotel beeg,इंग्लैंड beeg,london eye big

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Potala Palace – Pearl on The Roof of The World

Potala Palace - Iconic Building of Tibet

  Potala Palace is an iconic building of Tibet and also one of the most popular tourist attraction in China. Potala Palace was awarded as one of the site that listed in the World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1994. keywords: potala,Palace,potala palast,दलाई लामा तिबेट राजवाडा,1000 ghambo ka mahal kaha he,potala bilder,potala castle,World famous spot,አማዞን ደን

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