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  Langjokull – Iceland, a country that is often called the land of ice is a country that borders the Atlantic Ocean. Many attractions you can explore when you are visiting the country, One of the best is Langjokull glacier. Langjokull glacier means long glacier in local language. Langjokull glacier has a length of 50km and width of 15-20km. Only

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Eisriesenwelt Exotic Largest Ice Cave in The World

Visitor in Eisriesenwelt Cave

  Eisriesenwelt is the largest ice cave in the world with a length more than 42 km located in Werfen, Austria. The ice cave in has become one of the dream destinations among foreign tourists. keywords: बरफ की दनीया,பெரிய பனி,eisriesenwelt mağarası,inside the eisriesenwelt,jääluola itävalta,sabse bada world cave

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