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5 Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in U.S You Should Never Overlook

West Hollywood Carnival

  The USA celebrated Halloween since about 1850. The Irish immigrants brought the custom and since then, the Americans have been celebrating the dead in an overt and imaginative manner. Halloween activities include the trick-or-treat, attending a Halloween costume party, decorating, carving a pumpkin into a Jack-o’-Lantern, lit a big bonfire, witchcraft and apple bobbing, playing practical jokes, visiting haunted

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Madame Tussauds Museum (London) – Meet Up with Famous Celebrities

Bollywood Celebrities

  Want to take pictures with the world-class leaders? Then Madame Tussauds Museum in London is the right place. Yes, in this museum there are wax statues of famous people around the world. keywords: madame tussaud museum,madame tussaud,madame tussauds museum london,patung lilin artis bollywood,proses pembuatan patung lilin,madame tussauds waxworks müzesi,museum famous people london,museum of madame tuso,madame tussauds statues photos,museum patung

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Disneyland Paris – Dream comes True

Mickey and Minimouse of Disneyland Paris

  Disneyland Paris or also called Euro Disney is a very spectacular playground. Disneyland is a tourist attraction that can be visited by almost all ages. From children and adults to the old ones. This place is always full of visitors every day from all over the world. keywords: disneyland paris,dibujos eurodisney,disneyland da getmək üçün qiymətlər,rides in Disneyland paris

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