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8 Best Countries for Holiday In Europe


  What are the best countries for holiday in Europe? Europe attracts so many people from around the world. The beauty and culture are only some of the alluring charms. Though most of the countries are really great to visit, there are several countries in the continent that are just unforgettable for your holiday. Visit these Countries for Holiday in

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BRAN CASTLE (Transylvania) – Kingdom of Dracula

Bran Castle at Night

  Hearing the word ‘vampire’ makes some people frightened. Myths about the fanged creature often presented as a blood-sucker in films. Until now, the mystery of the existence of vampires is confusing, some believe that vampire does not exist, and only a legend. keywords: ट्रांसिल्वेनिया,ट्रांसिल्वेनिया,ड्रैकुला इतिहास,Transylveniya ki daravani rat,romanian pishach vlad ki kahani,loob ng castle,kastil dracula for drawing,kasteel bran romania,dracula

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Beauvais Cathedral Exterior

  Beauvais cathedral is a magnificent Gothic cathedral located in the valley of Therain Picardy, at the intersection of roads leading to Amiens, Soissons and Paris. Beauvais Cathedral, features spectacular vaults, windows and the best astronomical clock. Saint Pierre Cathedral of Beauvais has had a long history of problems due to over ambitious plans and various accidents. Beauvais cathedral, marking the peak

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