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Mesmerizing View of Montjuic Magic Fountain

Montjuic Magic Fountain Show (epepa.eu)

  Visiting Barcelona, Spain will be an unforgettable experience. The place itself is packed with a great number of tourist attractions. One of the popular tourist attractions of Barcelona is Montjuic Magic Fountain. This tourist attraction in particular is located in Palau Nacional. The spot is between Placa d’Espanya and Poble Espanyol.  The designer of this architectural beauty is Charles

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8 Best Countries for Holiday In Europe


  What are the best countries for holiday in Europe? Europe attracts so many people from around the world. The beauty and culture are only some of the alluring charms. Though most of the countries are really great to visit, there are several countries in the continent that are just unforgettable for your holiday. Visit these Countries for Holiday in

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Lake of Geneva

  In Switzerland, particularly in the city of Geneva, There are many beautiful landscapes to see. Starting from exotic and antique buildings, as well as beautiful nature scenery. Supported by friendly weather of Switzerland make us do not get tired in traveling around in the city of Geneva. So fresh, so beautiful, and less noise. Beside so many beautiful places in city of Geneva,

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Trevi Fountain and 3 Coins Myth (Rome)

Trevi Fountain

  Rome is a lovely city that full of charm of artwork. Rome city actually has about 4,000 fountains. But there is no fountain that more exciting than Fontana Di Trevi. keywords: rom trevi brunnen,trevi fountain myth,น้ำพุ เทรวี หนัง,brunnen an der wand rom,brunnen rom,imagines fountain trevi,kagandahan ng trevi fountain rome,trevi brunnen 3 munzen,trevi fountain love myth

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