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Temple of Heaven – Unforgetable Trip to China

Temple of Heaven Wallpaper

  Temple of Heaven, or in the local language also called as Tiantandongmen is one of the charming tourism destination located in Beijing, China. Unesco in 1998 gave awards to the Temple of Heaven as a world heritage site. keywords: temple of heaven,ചൈനാ temple,аспан храмы,temple of heaven wikipedia bahasa indonesia,चिन मंदिर,temple of,prachin chin ki imarat pic,leza hram,china beijing temple,中國天壇

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Reveal Mystery of Forbidden City (Beijing)

Forbidden City Aerial View

  Chinese imperial palace that we usually see in Mandarin movies is indeed real and can still be encountered until now. If you not believe it, come to the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. One of must see tourism destination in Beijing is the Forbidden City or in Mandarin called Gu Gong. keywords: kota larangan,flower garden of china,വിലക്കപ്പെട്ട നഗരം,kota terlarang mengunjungi,turisiom

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