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Elephants of Chobe National Park Botswana

  Chobe National Park is located in the northwest of Botswana, near the Zambia, Namibia and Zimbabwe country borders. Chobe National Park offers some of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. The park is perhaps best known for the elephant population which reached more than 100,000. Elephant in Chobe National Park is friend for tourists. In this place, visitors can

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Akshardham – World’s Greatest Hindu Temple Located in Delhi (India)

swaminarayan akshardham mandir

  In the city of Delhi (India), not far from the flow of the Yamuna River, stands a giant Hindu temple complex called Akshardham. This temple was built by sect Swaminarayan to celebrate thousands of years Hindu culture in India which has produced so many works of civilization. keywords: akshardham,akshardham il tempio,akshardham mandir in turis,größte hindutempel,sabse bada Hindu Delhi,đền akshardham

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Ajanta (India) – Incredible Caves of Buddhist Monks

Inside Ajanta Cave

  Located in India, Cave Rock of Ajanta is unique compared to other caves around the world. This cave was built as a symbol and witness the civilized world in the second century BC. This cave believed to be built because of the influence of Chinese Buddhist teachings brought by the monks. keywords: অজন্তা গুহাচিত্র,Ajanta temple image,ভারতের গুহাচিত্র,ajanta caves sejarah,ajantha

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Diving in Exotic Andaman Islands (India)

Diving in Andaman Island India

  Andaman Islands become the spotlight of the world after one of the latest theory about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was connected to the location of the island. Behind many mysteries about this place, Andaman is one of the best tourist spots in the world. keywords: andaman island,andaman,andamanen,andaman island pic,Andoman island,नालाबाना द्वीप समूह किस झील के मध्य

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