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Spend Your Holiday in Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium Matchday (essma.eu)

  Are you an Arsenal fan? Definitely, you are not strange to hear the name of Emirates Stadium. It is home stadium of the football club that has title “the Gunners”, Arsenal FC. Located in London precisely in Halloway, this football stadium becomes the three-largest stadium in United Kingdom after Wembley and Old Trafford stadium. It is officially opened in

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DAM SQUARE (Amsterdam)

Event on Dam Square

  Dam Square or the dam (Dutch: de Dam), is a town square in the Dutch capital: Amsterdam. Is a special location that has many important buildings and it is one of the most famous yet important locations of the city. Dam Square was made in the 13th century around the Amstel River. Its development objective is to prevent the

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Moai Statues (martinjclemens.com)

  Have you seen the picture of giant stone statues in the form of a human face, spread over vast land? It name is Maoi, which is the witness of the richness of Polynesian culture 400 years BC. hundreds of Maoi stand in a remote island in the middle of Pacific Ocean called Easter Island. keywords: रहस्यमय द्वीप,estarisland में प्रतिमा,jadui

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