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Exoticism of Purple Lavender Fields in Provence (France)

Beautiful Scenery of Provence Lavender Field - France

  Visiting France does not mean must to spend time in the city of Paris. The romantic side of this country also comes from rural area. One of them comes from the Provence area, which is located in southeast France. keywords: provence france,cara ke kebun lavender di provence perancis,image provence france,levandu laukai prancuzijoje,melihat lavender di valensole,provence in france,soul city of

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Hitachi Seaside Park – Gorgeous Colorful Flower Garden (Japan)

Hitachi Seaside Park Japan on Winter (nationalgeographic.com)

  Hitachi Seaside Park, which is located in Hitachinaka, next to Ajigaura Beach, is one of the most popular tourist destination in Japan. Hitachi Seaside Park or in Japanese is called Hitachi Kaihin is a very spacious and beautiful flower garden. keywords: shibazakura flowers takinoue park,hitachi seaside park,Colline fiorite japan,hitachi seaside park hitachinaka,hitachi seaside park musim semi,hitachi seaside park winter

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Keukenhof – Paradise of Tulip Flowers (Netherlands)

Pink Tulips

  Not only called as country of windmills, the Netherlands also popular as Tulip country. In Netherlands you can see the beauty of colorful tulips like being in paradise. The location of most beautiful tulip garden in Netherlands is at Keukenhof. keywords: keukenhof gardens belanda,keukenhof 2016,pemandangan keukenhof,keukenhof wallpaper,አበቦች,yhsm-inucbr_001,නෙදර්ලන්තය,wallpepar Gardan or jharne,tulip garden wallpaper,new bagicho ni wallpaper,Kеukеnhof lolа bog\i,tulip flower hà

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