St. Paul’s Cathedral – Breathtaking Treasure of England

Inside St.Paul's Cathedral of London


England is so famous for its iconic building Big Ben, but did you know that the England also has a Another iconic building in the form of a very beautiful and amazing church, which can make everyone who come to see it will always be amazed.

As in some other European countries, England also keeps it historical legacy of the past in the form of buildings and cultural heritage. among the tourist attractions in the England, one of the places that must be visited is St. Paul’s Cathedral.

St. Paul’s Cathedral located at the top of Ludgate valley, the highest point in the city of London. St. Paul’s Cathedral is a cathedral that became the center of archbishop rule in London and was built in the year 604 as a tribute to Apostle Paul.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most famous sights in London. The church is often compared to the splendor of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican. In term of wide area, the Cathedral of St. Paul is the second largest church in the United Kingdom after Liverpool Cathedral.

Besides the beauty of the architecture that can be met at the entire Cathedral part both outside and inside, you can go inside and walk around the rooms in St.Paul’s Cathedral. Uniquely St. Paul’s Cathedral is functioning like a museum. Many non-religious statues spread here, most of it is the war heros. In the Cathedral there is a largest bell in Europe that rings everyday at 13:00

On the top floor there is a Whispering Gallery. Called as whispering gallery because it is said if we whisper, it could be heard from the other side of wall that separated along.

From the whispered gallery, you are welcome to climb to the top side of St.Paul’s Cathedral, the stone gallery. Stone Gallery is a stones fenced balcony located at the top side of St. Paul’s Cathedral where we can clearly see the view of London from a height of hundreds of meters above, for those of you who are afraid of heights you better not try.

Above the stone gallery there is another one higher level, it is the top of the dome. The fence here is just as high as waist and made of thin irons.

The entrance fee to the St. Paul’s Cathedral is 16 pounds, this cost is including an audio guide and a map.

Map to St. Paul’s Cathedral, England

Pictures of St.Paul’s Cathedral

Outside St.Paul's Cathedral of London

Outside St.Paul’s Cathedral of London (


St.Pauls Cathedral Aerial View

St.Pauls Cathedral Aerial View (


St.Paul's Cathedral of London

St.Paul’s Cathedral of London (


Inside St.Paul's Cathedral of London

Inside St.Paul’s Cathedral of London (


St Paul's Cathedral Inside

St Paul’s Cathedral Inside (


Ceiling of St Paul's Cathedral

Ceiling of St Paul’s Cathedral (


Service in St Paul's Cathedral London

Service in St Paul’s Cathedral London (


Inside St Paul's Cathedral from Top

Inside St Paul’s Cathedral from Top (


Mass in St. Paul's Cathedral London

Mass in St. Paul’s Cathedral London (


Inside St Paul Cathedral

Inside St Paul Cathedral (


Dome of St.Pauls Cathedral

Dome of St.Pauls Cathedral (


Dome of St.Paul's Cathedral

Dome of St.Paul’s Cathedral (

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