Charles Bridge at Night


Prague city with its natural beauty is a jewel of Central Europe. many tourists come to visit this city to enjoy unite with nature and see the view of the city. actually there are many tourism spots that is very interesting to visit in the city of Prague, but one of the most in demand by tourists and become an icon of this city is the St. Charles Bridge.

St Charles Bridge is a vital bridge linking Prague Castle and the Old Town. St Charles Bridge has a length of 530 meters, The History said that Charles Bridge ever has different names, such as Kemenny Bridge or Prazsky Bridge, but since the 1870s finally St Charles Bridge used as the name of the bridge.

If you visit the city of Prague, it is not complete if you have not visited the The Charles Bridge, exotic impression is very dominant from the bridge that has been built since 14th century. The Charles Bridge is very elegant, making it so convenient for people walk around, especially with couple.

As one of the icons of Prague, sustainability and value of historical St Charles Bridge is maintained so well. this bridge has magnificent sculptures on left and right sides, it is amazing work of art. Walking on this bridge will brought our imagination into the past of Europe.

The Charles Bridge is usually quite crowded by visitors, On the left and right bridge many artists selling their arts such as paintings and accessories. There is also a singer and street music performer with extraordinary skills that have official permit to perform on the streets.

Walking down St. Charles Bridge in Prague city center is a really exciting experience. From the top of the bridge people can see the beauty the city of Prague and the expanse of bright red roof. There also many perfect places with beautiful view to take pictures above St. Charles Bridge.

Map to St Charles Bridge, Prague

Pictures of St Charles Bridge


Visitors of St Charles Bridge

Visitors of St Charles Bridge (deviantart)


The Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge (placestoseeinyourlifetime)


St Charles Bridge of Prague, Czech

St Charles Bridge of Prague, Czech (itats)


Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge (czech-republic)


Charles Bridge and the statues (sumfinity)

Charles Bridge and the statues (sumfinity)


Morning at Charles Bridge

Morning at Charles Bridge (famouswonders)


Charles Bridge at Night

Charles Bridge at Night (piersvan)


Beautiful St Charles Bridge

Beautiful St Charles Bridge (imgur)

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