St. Basil Cathedral – Most Legendary Building of Moskow

St Basil Cathedral


Red Square, is a town square located in Moscow which become the place for local main activities such as carnivals, state ceremony, etc. Almost every traveler who came to Moscow must be visited the Red Square area. in The Red Square there is a unique building that became a city icon of Moskow, namely St. Basil Cathedral.

St Basil Cathedral Created during the reign of Ivan IV, better known as Ivan The Terible between the years 1555-1561. According to legend, Ivan ordered the architect, Postnik Yakovlev, made blind so he can not build other more beautiful buildings for others.

The domes of the St. Basil Cathedral like dome of the mosque. The difference is, at the top of the dome there are crosses. It is said that according to the story, this is a symbol of the Orthodox Christian conquest over Islam.

St. Basil Cathedral Only consists of two floors, consisting of 9 chapels on the second floor and 1 chapel in the ground floor chapel. This place is not so big and very crowded by visitors, therefore visitors has to queue to get into the St. Basil Cathedral.

Map to St. Basil Cathedral

Pictures of St. Basil Cathedral

St Basil Cathedral

St Basil Cathedral


St Basil Cathedral

St Basil Cathedral (wikipedia)


St Basil Cathedral at Night

St Basil Cathedral at Night (


St.Basil Inside

St.Basil Inside (


St.Basil Cathedral Inside

St.Basil Cathedral Inside


Inside St.Basil

Inside St.Basil (

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