Arashiyama Bamboo grove (Kjotski, Japonska)

Inside Bamboo Forest of Arashiyama (worldfortravel)

  Kyoto may not be as dense and luxurious as Tokyo. But this area stores various natural attractions that are very interesting to visit, one of them is the Arashiyama Bamboo grove. ključne besede: bambushain arashiyama,taman bambu jepang kudus,bambushain kyoto,забележителности арашияма,ബാംബൂ ഫോറസ്റ്റ്,cenany of bamboo forest,hutan bambu kudus,lokasi taman bambu jepang kudus,जपान मध्ये इमारती

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Življenje Root mostovi Meghalaya (Indija)

Living Root Bridges of Meghalay

  Ob severovzhodni strani Indije je zelo gosto deževnega gozda in je dejal, da so najbogatejši biotske raznovrstnosti v Aziji. A variety of unique plants grow here, one which is the Ficus Elastica, which is a natural substance forming living root bridge in Meghalaya. ključne besede: living root bridges,meghalay turizam,meghalaya hausa place,மேகாலயா சுற்றுலா

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Black Forest (Schwarzwald ) – Svetovnih Scariest gozd vedno

Mystical Black Forest of Germany

  Nemčija je ena od najbolj iskanih počitniška destinacija za mlade potnike. Za lepoto njenih mest, Germany has a forest that covered with mystical beauty and mystery called Black Forest. The darkness sense of the forest became inspiration for Grimm Brothers to make ‘Snow Whitefairy tale. ključne besede: black forest,black forest germany,forest,black forest images,काला वन,foto foresta nera,schwarzwald skogen,black

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Amazing Scenery of Olympic National Park

Extraordinary View of Olympic National Park (

  Olympic is one of the best national park in United States of America, it’s so famous for its natural beauty. To 350,000 hectares park located in the northwest corner of the USA in the State of Washington, presents fascinating natural wonders. This park conditions are so natural and pure, the view also stunning. UNESCO has declared the National Park Olympic as an international biosphere

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