Tarifa, Španielsko pre celý rok dovolenku



Ak plánujete navštíviť Španielsko, Urobte si čas stráviť niekoľko dní v meste Tarifa, Španielsko. This is the most southern city in Spain is full of natural attractions that will amaze you. It’s a small city located near the Strait of Gibraltar making the city has a long beach line for perfect summer holiday. Tarifa is simply the most relaxed and beautiful place for holiday in Spain. It offers various activities for tourists to do. Let’s check out the best places and things to do in Tarifa.

Must-Do Activities in Tarifa Spain

1. Whale watching

Tarifa's Whale

Tarifa’s Whale


Watching whales and dolphins in the wild is always a mesmerizing experience. Only in Tarifa you can see this attraction throughout the year. It means, it doesn’t matter when you come to Tarifa, you’ll always get chance to see various species of whales or dolphins or even both. You only have to pay at least $35 to see the attraction.

2. Swimming and relaxing in Playa Los Lances

Tarifa - Playa Los Lances

Tarifa – Playa Los Lances

A summer day in Tarifa, Spain has never been perfect without a sunny day in Playa Los Lances. This is the most famous beach in Tarifa that is always full of visitors during the summer. It’s heaven for sunbathers and swimmers. That’s what makes this beach an ideal spot for family to enjoy days out while walking, swimming and messing in the water. Along the beach line are numerous food stalls selling delicious local foods. In the winter, this beach is also very popular for surfers kite. If you’re curious to try kite surfing, come to Tarifa during winter.

3. Walking around Baelo Claudia

Tarifa - Baelo Claudia

Tarifa – Baelo Claudia


Just like most cities in Spain, Tarifa also hosts various old buildings including the Baelo Claudia which is located 14 km away outside the town. This is the ruin of Roman buildings. In here, you can enjoy various attractions from the old amphitheatre to local tuna processing. And do you know that this place was actually the place the Romans made their signature tuna sauce called Garum?

4. Hiking in Natural parks

Tarifa - Hiking

Tarifa – Hiking


Tarifa also has beautiful natural setting for hiking. Located between two famous natural parks in Spain, the Parque Natural del Estrecho and Parque Natural Los Alcornocales, Tarifa is definitely a hikersparadise. The popular route starts from Punta Paloma across the cave tombs and San Bartolome’s rocky outcrop. tu, you can also eat at the most famous local restaurant known as El Tesoro.

5. Horse riding

Riding Horse in Tarifa

Riding Horse in Tarifa


Besides being a perfect spot for hiking, Tarifa is also ideal for horse hiking. You can have comfortable horse riding on the beach line, what a perfect way to spend the day, právo?

6. Party




Having holiday in Tarifa is not perfect without partying in Tarifa. This city holds the biggest annual party festival in September. It is held a week long and is full of various attractions. During the festival, the streets are full of smell, color and noise of the incense perfuming. It’s certainly an experience you should not miss.

7. Walk on castle walls

Tarifa - Guzman el Bueno Castle

Tarifa – Guzman el Bueno Castle


The last must-to-do activity in Tarifa is walking the castle walls. Known as Guzman el Bueno, this castle is known to be the best-preserved Caliphal castle. It was built in 960 during the Muslim reign. This castle has a long history and every inch of the castle tells all the stories. While walking this castle walls, you will be taken in a walk of history.

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